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August 20, 2009
August 21, 2009, 4:39 am
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As usual, lol, I’m a day late and a dollar short.  I wanted to post the Change the World Wednesday challenge from Reduce Footprints about shrinking your garbage and here it is Thursday. But I will get better about this–I promise!!  Maybe.  lol

Every Wednesday, they post a challenge to make the world a better place.  This blog is full of wonderful stuff to help us care for and nurture Mother Earth. I’ve just been reading…and well, you know how it goes….first I checked out one blog and then another and then it lead to yet another…and now it’s about 2 hours later and I’m finally here to post in my own blog.  lol But it was an exciting adventure this morning and I found all kinds of stuff to bookmark. I also found a recipe for making laundry soap that I’m going to try. About 8 dollars for a thousand loads of laundry!!!!

Mid May 2009 025

So…in order to shrink my garbage (that goes into landfills) I have several tricks, not the least of which is this great barrel composter. I also have 3 compost bins that sit alongside the far edge of that greenhouse. They are built from salvaged pallets from a local lumber yard that would put them out on the curb for people to take. Any and everything that is food related and some paper too, goes into the compost. I keep a small lidded bucket next to my sink in the kitchen and throw everything in there. I empty it as often as necessary and scrub it out good between fillings. Anything the chickens can eat, they get first. And then their manure and straw from the coop all goes into a compost bin too. So really, nothing is wasted…they just speed the process. lol.

The other thing I do is recycle everything that is possibly recyclable. One way or another. I can find it a new home, maybe. Or I can reuse it, making it into something else. Or I can take it to the local recycling center.

As a result of these 2 simple things, I barely have one  13 gallon garbage bag a week.  And it’s mostly bags of smelly used cat litter! lol  I haven’t figured out yet if I can do something else with that, since I use the scented scoopable stuff. Any ideas?? I’d be glad to hear them!! There are approximately 10 cats here at any given time…(I know, I know….) and it seems necessary to me to use the stuff I use. I’m open to suggestions though…

I live out in the country, so I can burn some paper, but not much of it winds up there. I don’t like the idea of the emissions, so…I also try to buy things in bulk, which saves on excess packaging. I use reuseable shopping bags ALMOST every time I shop. I use a few more plastic food bags (Ziplock) than I care to, but I also use a lot of reuseable plastic containers with lids.

All these little things add up to some big things.

Check out Brighter You might be surprised.



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Hey ya haven’t told me what happened to Fred yet??

Comment by Tim

I also do what I can to recycle and reuse. Every little bit helps, although from what I hear and read it may already be too late to save the planet.

Comment by paxaa


Did you get my email?

xxMary being ergonomic and thrifty and muddled in Africa

Comment by louisey

I also do what I can to recycle and reuse. Every little bit helps, although from what I hear and read it may already be too late to save the planet.;. All the best!!

Comment by Avirex

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